Adult Sunday School

KMC believes Sunday School is an important time for learning more about Jesus and developing relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We offer eight adult classes and age appropriate classes for children. We share other times where we gather around the scriptures throughout the church year as well. This includes Advent and Lenten studies or a specific topic or book of the Bible.

Classes begin at 9:45 a.m.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Bible Believers: This class goes through the Bible and takes their time along the way. They are presently studying the life of Jesus as it is recorded in the gospels.

Bible Study Class: As each passage of the Bible is studied, this class thoroughly studies the biblical text within the context of its history and culture.

Enrichment Class: Participants in this class share in lively conversations about the Bible, based on a book they read together. They have many fellowship opportunities and an annual mission project.

Essentials Class: Couples and those with young children participate in round table discussions about the scriptures and family life.

Fellowship Class: This class is made up of singles and married couples who explore the practical application of Christianity in our daily lives.

Greenfield Class: This group of ladies share in discussions based on the Uniform Lesson Series that follows the scripture lectionary combined with Moravian history.

Ladies Bible Class: This class shares life experiences through Bible-inspired conversation based on the Uniform Lesson Series.

Men’s Bible Class: Having been together for many years and led by a chaplain in Bible Study, this class rigorously studies each book of the Bible. They also make and sell Moravian Stars for mission projects and support a baseball team. Meets in the Activity Building in the rear parking lot. Class begins at 10am ends at 10:30am

Timothy Class: This class is for young adult, early-career-age Christians who desire fellowship, mission, worship and study.

This class has a desire to deepen their faith and their understanding of discipleship.