Kernersville Christmas Stocking

Kernersville Christmas Stocking Program

Kernersville has been blessed with strong community ties between local businesses and residents that have enhanced our growth and prosperity over the years.  As we continue to support one another, we embrace the spirit of Christmas with our 26th annual Christmas Stocking Program.  Referrals are made by many sources including area schools and churches, and Crisis Control and Next Step ministries.  Last year, financial assistance for approximately 240 families enabled parents to buy Christmas dinner and gifts for more than 400 children. This is the only Christmas organization that is dedicated to Kernersville residents.  It is co-sponsored by the Kernersville newspaper and the Kernersville Moravian Church (where interviews will be conducted in English and Spanish on October 18th and November 1st to determine the eligibility of applicant families).  There are 2 main ways for your business to get involved and make a difference.  Please donate for our children in need during this holiday season.  The program is not possible without the generosity of many as the program is funded by donation only.  And please get the word out to families with children who are likely to be eligible.  Most businesses will be receiving letters soon with more detailed information, or you can find out more on the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page and/or in future articles of the Kernersville Newspaper.  Many, thanks!